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The article is titled: I was a victim of financial fraud – do I need a lawyer?

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  • Jacob Mohlamne

    PlusOption lied to me and I was robbed 9000usd.

    They made easy to deposit money to them, controls your money and you cannot withdraw, even if you want to cancel the account.

  • Mohammed

    I put in 250 to try the stock markets was called instantly and was being told to put 5000 in initially I thought what is going on and said no a few more times they called me said i would make 3 to 4 times more within 2 weeks so I thought ok I will try this after they sent me papers they were persistent I sign and return asap calls after calls so I did this and then checked reviews all were bad so when I got a call I told them i want my money back i do not want to trade u have to much bad reviews am going to lose my money the guy told me I can’t get back if i try trading he will give me back my money once i win which i did i had altogether 6500 odds i told him i want my investment back of 5000 he said he would give back and then deposited back into my account then a call came a few hours later telling me to put 5000 in again at this point i thought ok might be ok as they gave my investment back so i reluctantly transferred 5000 into there account again once i did i found out they took the 5000 which they had put in my account as well at this point i was distraught and 10250 down they started saying i have to trade I will make 3 to 4 times more etc so I thought I lost my money will just listen they started putting silly money on stuff 3000 here 2500 here 1500 here 2500 there i told them this is to risky to big amounts on stuff u should put lower amounts am going to lose all the money which i did not want to invest i just wanted back but didn’t know how to get back i even went to bank to try to get back they told me contact whoever has taken it do i did but they refusing to give back i didn’t know what to do. they said no no trust me u will make money we are experienced this is definite etc its a scam and i lost 10250