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to financial fraud victims

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Birman Law Specializes
in Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is extremely prevalent in Israel. Unregulated Binary Options and Forex platforms have been operating in Israel for years. As of yet they have operated unfettered but, due to new legal regulations, they have been recognized as illegal by the Israeli government. Birman Law has been spearheading the fight against unregulated firms and is currently working on litigation that will recover millions of dollars for Birman Law’s international clients. Read more

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Quotation Mark

“I want to thank the Birman Law group for their professional conduct and ethical commitment in regards to the collection/recovery of monies lost with Binary Book. All money deposited with Binary Book was recovered”.
Thomas D. Eppler, financial fraud victim

How We Can Help

We are passionate about seeing Binary Options scammers brought to justice and we specialize in exactly this area of the law. We find and track down unregulated Binary Options companies, uncover their true identity and hold them accountable for the trauma and upset they’ve caused you and many others, in an effort to recover your funds in full.

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About Us

Our lead lawyer, Veronica Birman has worked for some of the most prestigious law firms in Israel, specializing specifically in financial crime.

It is this knowledge and experience that has pushed Veronica Birman into being one of the most formidable lawyers on the subject of Binary Options and Forex recovery.

Our work in this field has resulted in Birman Law receiving a prestigious award for our Achievement in Legal Excellence.
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